Madam President Yaah Patience Yaah Patience Tamfu was voted President of CPDM USA in 2015 in a fiercely contested election. As a former president of WCPDM USA, the newly elected president of the party here in the United States of America believes in the CPDM party’s doctrine; to assist the party in its continuous effort to position a democratic Cameroon on a sustainable path to achieve a social and economic development growth. In order to achieve these lofty goals of hers, she has set up nine (9) committees such as Political, Economic and Investment, Education, Science and Technology, Youth, Culture, Project etc., to facilitate her objectives.

During the elections, what attracted many militants to mobilize behind her candidacy was due to her visionary goals, which she has clearly articulated in the seven (7) points outlined below:

    1. ) To expand and strengthen the umbrella of the party beyond its current geographical confines. Currently, the party has four functional subsections and her goal is to grow the party in the Western and Mid-Western parts of the United States of America. Also, she intends to attract new militants and this can only be done if she’s able to enable the party in Cameroon, to enact some of the policies that many in the diaspora have always yearn for for many years.

    2. ) To request and make the case to the government of Cameroon, through the National Assembly (parliament), of granting dual nationality to Cameroonians in the diaspora. In doing this, she has set up a Political Committee, which shall exploit the possibility so as to underscore why Dual Nationality is a necessity to Cameroonians in the diaspora.

    3. ) To expand consular services to Cameroonians in the United States of America in areas in the South (Atlanta) and in the West (California), in the hope of bringing these services closer to the people. With the increase in population of Cameroonians in the United States of America and the Virgin Islands, the Embassy in Washington DC has become too small and too far to handle the demands of Cameroonians. The establishment of consular services in these nearby areas will reduce the ever burdensome demands of the embassy more efficient.

    4. ) To solicit financial and other assistance from various institutions in the United States of America to benefit Cameroonians especially in areas of education, healthcare, and community development. As a developing country, Cameroon cannot effectively handle the ever-increasing population in the local areas, and help of this nature from public donors or entities would make a difference in the lives of the local indigenes.

    5. ) To engage in an aggressive and effective public relations campaign to project the positive image of our beloved country, Cameroon, in the United States of America. There are a few groups that engage in political sabotage of our fatherland in the United States. Therefore, setting the distorted record straight shall be quite informative to business entities interested in investing in Cameroon. In furtherance of this, we shall challenge false attributes about the country by detractors who would do anything to soil the country’s image.

    6. ) To organize symposia on Cameroon in order to facilitate and exchange ideas on the political, social, and cultural challenges facing the country. We intend to use Cameroon tourism as a major area of attraction to Cameroon.

    7. ) To encourage educational and social endeavours in Cameroon to re-emphasize hard work, enhance confidence in Cameroonians at the same time, inspire enthusiasm and love of country.